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Live Updates

Keep up to date with all the latest player information and manager changes.

The Latest Featured Players

The latest featured players, updated every Live Update.

Search Player's Max Stats

Full player database that allows detailed player searches of players abilities at their maximum level, not just level 1.

Manager Database

The manager database is updated weekly with every Live Update and allows detailed searches for managers based on specific tactics.

Squad Builder

Squad builder shows accurate overall ratings for each team playstyle just like in the full game. It also has an Auto-Build feature that chooses players for you based on certain parameters you choose (total team cost, team strength, player condition)

Game Plan

Game Plan shows player off the ball movement in attack and defense. This allows you to see any potential strong or weak points in your manager's formation and tactics.

Compare Up To 25 Players Simultaneously

Compare up to 25 players at their max level with one button.

Dribbling Moves Of Each Player

PESHUB calculates the dribbling moves of each specific player and shows controller animations of how to perform them.